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About Us

Truth International Ltd is a well-reputed company for supplying all military and civil equipment, aircraft, spares and repair/overhaul services. Experienced Pilots, Logistic personnel and Procurement Specialists are in the Board of Directors of the company. We are a reputed enlisted company with Armed Forces and Bangladesh Ordinance Factory and have been performing in supplying various goods for all categories including aircrafts, arms and ammunitions through our foreign principals. It has own registered office at House# 1244 (5th Floor), Main Road, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh. Phone: 88-02-58071164-5 Fax: 88-02-580711635.

Directorate General Defense Purchase (DGDP) under Ministry of Defense (MOD) of Bangladesh is the sole government authority for purchasing equipment for all three military wings namely Bangladesh Army, Air Force and Navy. Only sort listed companies are eligible to be enlisted and certified by DGDP. Truth International Ltd is one of them. All the team members of our company have adequate knowledge and expertise in military businesses including all types of aviation and ground support equipment supply, its maintenance, repair and overhaul. We offer very competitive price while preparing all necessary bid documents.


Our vision is to represent our reputed principals very efficiently and sale their products and services to the buyers in a win-win condition.


The mission of Truth International Ltd is to create a meaningful and sustainable relationship between Buyers and Principals through ethical business.


Truth International Ltd is longing to become one of the leading agencies in Bangladesh for civil and military goods’ purchase. Its core competencies are in

  • Providing efficient and effective assistance to its Principals promptly.
  • Maintaining a very good and healthy business relationship between buyers and sellers.
  • Collecting most reliable and useful information’s for its principals.



  • Skilled Management Team: Truth International Ltd has a numbers of highly educated and experienced manpower engaged in exploring civil and military demands for their future procurements to create opportunities for the sellers.
  • Bargaining Power: Truth International Ltd made a tangible progress in doing business through its total commitment and enabled us a very significant position in the field of representation.
  • Better Understanding: Truth International Ltd has a wide range of knowledge about the different cultural values and norms of other nations, which help us to work better with foreign principals.
  • Flexible/Responsive: It is very much flexible with its principals in dealing with the business. But at the same time it is very much sincere and strict against any unethical practice with its sellers and buyers.


  • Market Growth: Bangladesh market growing rapidly which opens ample opportunities for the foreign sellers.
  • New Products & New Idea: There is enough room to introduce new products and new ideas.
  • Efficiency: It has already acquired a profound efficiency in the field of representation.
  • Price Sensitive: A very few of its buyers are price sensitive rather than quality concern.
  • New Entrants: In Bangladesh it has less entry barriers. And as such it opens up new opportunities for the foreign exporters to have their access easily.

Intense Rivalry: Intense competition exists among the participants.